How to correct errors D3DCompiler_47.dll is missing / could not be found

D3DCompiler_47.dll is an external file, so it can have many undesirable consequences.
Unexpected computer shutdown or virus infection can damage D3DCompiler_47.dll, which will lead to DLL errors.
When the D3DCompiler_47.dll file is corrupted, it can not work well and will display an error message.
In other cases, errors in the D3DCompiler_47.dll file may be due to problems in the Windows registry.
Non-working DLL links can prevent you from registering a DLL and causing a D3DCompiler_47.dll error.
Non-working keys in the registry can appear as a result of the absence of a DLL file,
move the DLL file or the residual link to the DLL file in the Windows registry after an unsuccessful installation or removal of the program.

1. Download and install DirectX

2. Download D3DCompiler_47.dll Windows 7

3. Download D3DCompiler_47.dll Windows 8

4. Download D3DCompiler_47.dll Windows 10

5. Registration D3DCompiler_47.dll

6. Additional recommendations

7. Types of errors D3DCompiler_47.dll

8. Video instruction installing DirectX

Download and install DirectX

The D3DCompiler_47.dll error appears due to a failure in the DirectX files. Therefore, you need to update DirectX or completely reinstall it.
Download all official versions of DirectX. Install the program and restart the computer, in 99% of cases the error disappears after that.

How to install DirectX

DirectX 9.0cWindows XP SP2DOWNLOAD
DirectX 10Windows VistaDOWNLOAD
DirectX 11Windows 7DOWNLOAD
DirectX 11.1Windows 8DOWNLOAD
DirectX 11.2Windows 8.1DOWNLOAD
DirectX 11.3Windows 10DOWNLOAD
DirectX 11.4Windows 10DOWNLOAD
DirectX 12.0Windows 10DOWNLOAD

Download D3DCompiler_47.dll all versions:

Download d3dcompiler_47.dll official versions and install it on the system:

Detailed Installation Instructions

1. Download the D3DCompiler_47.dll file to your computer.
2. Copy D3DCompiler_47.dll to the folder containing the program or game.
3. Copy the dll file to the following system directories.
(windows XP, Vista, windows 7, windows 8.1, windows 10) - C:\windows\System32
In windows x64, you need to copy the file to a directory C:\windows\SysWOW64\

Download D3DCompiler_47.dll Winows 7:

64bit10.0.15063.04.19 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
64bit10.0.10240.163844.25 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.15063.6083.5 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
32bit6.3.9600.164283.29 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
64bit10.0.15063.4684.21 MB Windows 7DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.14393.03.56 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.15063.03.5 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.10240.163843.52 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
64bit10.0.10586.4944.25 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
64bit10.0.14393.04.27 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.10586.4943.52 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.14393.333.57 MB Windows 7DOWNLOAD
32bit6.3.9600.163843.29 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
64bit10.0.14393.334.28 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.16299.153.49 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
64bit10.0.16299.154.1 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.16299.153.48 MBWindows 7DOWNLOAD

Download D3DCompiler_47.dll Winows 8:

32bit6.3.9600.163843.31 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
32bit6.3.9600.163843.29 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
64bit6.3.9431.03.97 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
64bit6.3.9431.03.96 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
64bit6.3.9600.187734.10 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
32bit6.3.9600.187733.39 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
64bit6.3.9600.186114.10 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
32bit6.3.9600.186113.39 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
64bit6.3.9600.176724.10 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
32bit6.3.9600.176723.39 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
64bit6.3.9600.174153.99 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
32bit6.3.9600.174153.28 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
64bit6.3.9600.164283.97 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
32bit6.3.9600.164283.29 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD
64bit6.3.9600.163843.98 MbWindows 8.1DOWNLOAD

Download D3DCompiler_47.dll Winows 10:

64bit10.0.17063.10004.13 MbWindows 10DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.17063.10003.47 MbWindows 10DOWNLOAD
64bit10.0.16353.10004.10 MbWindows 10DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.16353.10003.48 MbWindows 10DOWNLOAD
64bit10.0.16299.154.10 MbWindows 10DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.16299.153.48 MbWindows 10DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.16288.13.48 MbWindows 10DOWNLOAD
64bit10.0.16251.04.10 MbWindows 10DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.16251.03.48 MbWindows 10DOWNLOAD
64bit10.0.16237.10014.10 MbWindows 10DOWNLOAD
32bit10.0.16237.10013.47 MbWindows 10DOWNLOAD

Registration of D3DCompiler_47.dll

1. Download d3dcompiler_47.dll on your computer.
2. Copy the file to C:\Windows\sysWOW64 or C:\Windows\system32
3. Open the "Run" window by clicking on the two Win + R buttons.
4. Type regsvr32 d3dcompiler_47.dll and click OK.

Additional recommendations

There are additional methods for solving the problem:
1. Roll back the system to the Windows recovery point.
2. Download an alternative, older / new version of the program.
3. Deactivate all protective screens, including those built into the system automatically, until the installation is complete.
4. The problem can be in the game itself, then you need to download additional patches.
5. Scan the registry problems in the system using CCleaner or an alternative program.

Common error messages for D3DCompiler_47.dll

The most common D3DCompiler_47.dll errors that can occur on a computer are:
D3DCompiler_47.dll not found.
The file D3DCompiler_47.dll is missing.
D3DCompiler_47.dll violation of access rights.
The file D3DCompiler_47.dll could not be registered.
File C: \ Windows \ System32 \ D3DCompiler_47.dll not found.
Microsoft Windows could not be started. The required component is missing: D3DCompiler_47.dll. Please install Microsoft Windows again.
The application could not be started because the D3DCompiler_47.dll file could not be found. Reinstalling the application can solve this problem.

How to install DirectX

Video guide installing DirectX, fixing the error d3dcompiler_47.dll